Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's plan ahead for next Tues

I hear that the southerners down in the Golden/Lakewood area received very little snow. I have some feelers out right now on trail conditions. Provided conditions are worth the trip, how about making the trek down to Lakewood for a Green Mountain night ride? We haven't done that in a loooooong time.


The Evil MGE! said...

Dave, let us know what time your planning on being around. Everything is good to go on Green Mtn except for the East summit and some of the traverse's on the east side. Still a good couple hours worth of riding available that is dry and dirt and of course there's always the 80's hair bar(Ironworks) down the road for some good post ride brew.

redstone said...

I think it's a go, MGE. I don't think we can be down there until 7pm or so. We usually start from the Rooney Rd parking lot. Will that work for you? I'm down with Ironworks post ride, too - they have food?

Perry said...

Ah crap. Going to be in Florida but we will do the Thursday ride there the following week--love to hear an update on how things are after the ride. Thanks Dave! Oh, I still need that gift cert from you too!Perry