Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday Ride schedule

Tuesday 8/25 - lights mandatory and we will spin the wheel of rides to decide our fate. Be prepared for anything. We'll meet at the bike shop at 5:30 and drive from there. Here's what I'm thinking for choices...
Lion Gulch, Left Hand OHV, Raymond/Miller Rock, SSV loop

Tuesday 9/1 - trailwork at Heil Ranch. Originally, county folk were going to use us to help widen the trail in a couple of places. We were proactive on that one, though, and now we will be using the good side of the force to choke the trail down where it has widened. Please rsvp to me at if you'd like to help. We're looking for 10-15 volunteers.

Tuesday 9/8 - Ned ride. Lights required.

Tuesday 9/15 - ?

Tuesday 9/22 - ?

Tuesday 9/29 - full moon Estes cross ride. Front and rear lights required. We'll be on the road in the national park.

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