Monday, August 10, 2009

Ain't Life Grand?

I was able to skip out of reality for a bit and escape to Grand County. You know Grand County, home of Winter Park, Sol Vista, and the Fraser Valley? My goal was to ride some of Grand County's lesser known gems. Had a couple of epics planned.

The first was in the Stillwater recreation area west of Lake Granby and Grand Lake. I had been eyeballing this loop ever since I moved to CO. Some close family friends have a cabin nearby so I've ridden parts of this before. I had always been thwarted on the complete loop, though. Whether it was navigational errors or weather, I could never seem to put the entire loop together. I did exactly that on Sunday afternoon. Here's some pics of the Supply Route/Wolverine loop.

I was happy that the ride ended literally at my campsite. Beers were waiting and I was exhausted.

Monday was a different mission. Little did I know that it would involve lots of bushwacking and route finding. 8 hours on the bike and it was all good. I started near Arapahoe Bay on Lake Granby and made it about 1/2way out on High Lonesome. I wanted to ride all the way to the end of High Lonesome but I didn't have it in me. It would've added about 1000' of climbing. Here's pics of the route finding extravaganza. Still a successful mission despite the hangups, though.


Melis said...

Damn man, i need to get on the bike with you. Monday's are bad for me...bummer.

redstone said...

Note the hummingbird in the 1st pic of day 2. I didn't even notice it at first, but I really was trying to take a pic. Quick little bugger.