Sunday, March 01, 2009

short one today

Wow, today sure turned nicer as the day went on. It was pretty chilly this morning and throughout the early part of the day. I got out after closing the shop expecting a relatively chilly ride with decreasing temps. Boy, was I wrong. I had to shed a layer quickly as the sun came out and things warmed up. I forced myself up the rock garden. I was feeling out of shape as I made a double dab run up thru the rocks. I was fortunate enough to run into the one and only Marty C from the Daily Camera. Hadn't seen her in a bit and it was good to catch up. One loop up top and I was out of town. I came down Antelope for a change. It was fun to hit the swoopy and twisty singletrack descent. Antelope is a little closer to home, too, so that meant less road time on the way back to the casa.

Any blog readers out there getting tired of this pic? I'm not tired of taking it yet. I love this view of Steamboat Mountain and Beach Hill.

Tuesday Ride? How about a re run at N. Boulder off of Neva Road. It should be a little different undertaking than was our last visit. This will be our last 100% lit Tuesday Niter for the season. Daylight savings is 3/8 so we'll start meeting at the shop at 5:30 from 3/9 on. Gotta maximize daylight!

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