Sunday, March 29, 2009

getting a few things done around the office

A winter of slow days is not good, but a few slow days in Spring are always welcome. I've been spending the last few days getting some work done. Fun stuff, too.

I got Jefe's wheel rebuilt. It's 8 speed Campy Record on a Mavic XCP33 rim. Talk about a super solid road wheel. The wheel was having some detensioning issues so we rebuilt it for him.

Another fun project was the rear wheel for Doug's new Turner Sultan that should be in this week. A Hope Pro II with a Stan's Flow (their widest) 29er rim will make a great 29er all mountain wheel. The Stan's rim allows for easy tubeless, too. Just some yellow Stan's rim tape and a valve stem are all it takes. Pretty light considering, too. Only 1070g.

Lastly, I got a chance to work on another personal steed. My '99 Bianchi cross bike still had the '97 Veloce headset that I had installed back in the day. After 12 years of abuse, total neglect and zero service, the races had become severely pitted. Indexed steering wasn't that great, but I held off replacing the headset until I could find something that was a good "fit" for the bike. Luckily, this week, a very good condition vintage 1" Suntour XC Pro Greaseguard headset walked into the shop. It's now on the Bianchi and working great.

Just got back from a little hike at Hall Ranch with the kiddos. I have full confidence that (without any extra moisture) we'll be riding on Tues. See you Tues at 5:30!

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