Thursday, February 04, 2016

Dave Chase!

Dave Chase - I bet you'll be surprised to find this here...but what the hell.  Glad to see you fire up the underground again, and since I'm technically an author I can still post a draft here.  Those rides from Lyons and the tiny shop back about 2004-2006 are some of my best memories of my time in Colorado.  Just a really good group of dudes, the will to ride, and a huge forest.  I hope it's still as good now as it was then.

I'm living in Virginia now.  Married, father of 4 year old twins.  Riding a ton.  Life is pretty good.  I do miss Lyons.

Anyway, keep the stoke cranking and the fire hot.  I'll be back someday.

-Action Jackson

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redstone said...

Action Jackson!!! Good to hear from you DT!