Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cyclocross comes to Lyons for some Ghetto Singletrack Lovin

The last stop of the Boulder Cyclocross Series came to Lyons on Sunday 12/11.  With the exception of maybe 1 year, Lyons has played host to an annual cross race since the State Champ Cross race in 2007.  The original course was in the middle of Bohn Park.  It would've been blazing fast and flat, but the big dump of snow a couple of days before the event set the park up for some great racing.  Since then, promoters have moved the course to the high school allow for a better course, more parking, and better spectating.  It was a good move.

I was out in the morning for the 35+ open race, then later for the singlespeed class.  Sounds like the Pro class was perfectly fast and muddy but I had family stuff and didn't get to check it out.  The Singlespeed class (last race of the day) easily had the best course.  The mud was firming up and getting fast.  Almost made me want to get out my cross bike.  Almost ;)  Big bonus also, one of my racing friends from ago, Jesse Swift, won the race!  And he had the baddest ass beard of the day, too.

Anyway, you'll be able to read a full race report elsewhere if you look hard enough, but I thought I'd throw a few pictures out.  When we say "Lyons Getto Singletrack" this is what we mean.  It was cool to see the crossers crossin on it.  LGS!

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