Thursday, October 20, 2011

The State of the Lyons Bike Park

A few weeks back, Lyons played host to a really cool event called the Devil Dash.  A bunch of my friends ran it and said it was super fun and a great event all the way around.

BUT...  the race was held on our first crappy snow/sleet/muddy day of the year.  And they ran the course thru pretty much all of the jumps at the Lyons Bike Park.  Needless to say, 1600 people clawing their way up slick and muddy dirt jumps decimated the bike park.
I passed this info along to Park and Rec, hoping they would seek some action from the Devil Dash promotors.  Having not heard anything back from P&R and getting frustrated every time I so much as rode by the park, I decided to email the promoters directly.  Here is my email and their response.  Let us hope for a quick turnaround.

Hi Devil Dash folks.  First off, thanks for bringing such a cool event to Lyons.  Sounds like it went well, was well attended, and lots of folks had fun.

I run a bike shop here in Lyons and have to admit I was a little dismayed to see that you chose to run your course thru our bike park in muddy conditions.  The bike park has been rendered unrideable and is completely decimated.  Literally hundreds of man hours went into perfecting and sculpting all of the jumps in the park.  The bike park has been a great asset for local riders and kids in the area and has also been valuable for bringing in visitors to the town.  It is sad to see this resource in its current condition.  To get the park to the condition it was in before the Devil Dash is going to take a lot of time, a lot of effort, and some heavy equipment rental.

What are your plans to repair the bike park to its state before Devil Dash?

I have copied Dave Cosgrove, head of Parks and Rec on this email.


We apologize for the condition of the track after our race. We started the day thinking we would be OK with the weather. We had waves of racers every 30 minutes and the weather held out for the first several waves, but then the rain came, and we already had racers out by that time. 

We have been working with Dave Cosgrove on the track and the best way to proceed in order to get it repaired. We certainly will make sure that we can get it back into the condition it was before the race, and will follow Dave Cosgrov's lead on the best way to proceed.

I will try to keep everyone updated of the progress.


JD said...

Any word back on thgis yet, Dave?

Frances said...

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