Monday, August 22, 2011

Mondays Pain

We rode Buchanan Pass a few weeks back.  It was late in the day and a little muddy but all in all a good day.  We went up Middle St Vrain and down BP, a good and efficient way to do the loop.

I was once again feeling the call of the Indian Peak and BP.  Fueled by a stressful weekend and a need to hurt more than normal, I took my REEB Cycles singlespeed up to the peak to peak for a little Buchanan Pass lovin.   It did not dissapoint. The skies and temps were perfect and the trail was in fantastic shape.  The loop proved to be quite good on a 29er SS, although I walked more than I care to admit on Coney Flats.

A great day in the high country today.  Better get some yourself,  too, cause our time will be limited before you know it!

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