Monday, April 04, 2011

Been a while

Been a while since the last update, hasn't it? Fortunately, I've been able to get out on the bike a little bit. That's good, because I've actually got a couple of (cough cough) races coming up! 18 hours of Fruita on a singlespeed Oskar Blues team should prove to be fun. And maybe a little painful. Maybe the Reeb will help, eh? So I've been riding.

Temps and weather has generally been mild. I guess Spring is here, too. In some ways, you can only tell that Spring is here only by the fact that Winter has been noticeably absent. But it's not exactly green and full of Spring life yet.

But that will come.

Our buddy Farid from Singletrack maps was by with his absolute newest creation. Get your hands on them while you can. Singletrack makes some killer maps. Most importantly, they are maps of places that aren't available elsewhere. Check the latest - Ft. Collins and Lyons. It's got all of the Lyons area stuff, including a little bit of Lion Gulch. More importantly, this is the best map I've seen of Devil's Backbone, Blue Sky, Horsetooth, Lory St. Park, etc. I love me some maps and this is my new favorite. Speaking of maps, our map room is coming along nicely, too. Come check it out!

Oh, and Tuesday rides are in full effect for the "season." I still don't get that terminology, but others use it so why not, right? Kinda reminds me of my favorite Yoda quote - "Do or do not, there is no try." There is no bike "season" in my world.
Many of you have been fortunate enough to come in the shop to have our new doggy, Bella bark her arse off at you. Well, she's new so hopefully she'll come around. She's only 8mo old, too, so there's not a lot of chilling in her yet. And in case you're wondering, she's going to make a killer trail dog!
It's been windy out there, too. Remember, now that some forested riding has thawed out, you're only allowed to whine about wind if you're on the road. Otherwise, find some trees or a gulch or something and you're all set. Wind - bah, humbug wind.

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