Friday, January 07, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is a great organzation. We like BMA and think you should, too.

BMA is our regions mountain bike trail advocacy effort. BMA offers a united voice of mountain bikers for municipalities and land managers to hear, their trail work efforts have dedicated hundreds upon hundreds of community service, and they promote social rides for riders of all abilities. The management of BMA comes from a group of extremely dedicated mountainbikers and some of them have been at it for 20+ years.

Redstone would like to offer our thanks to BMA as well as our full support. In light of that, we will be supplanting our normally scheduled Tuesday Ride next week (1/11) with BMA's party to launch their new logo, new website, and membership drive.

Details for the party are here.

Hopefully we'll see some of next Tuesday at Avery's Brewery in Boulder!

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