Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Trail Work Tuesday Niter 8/24!!!

Next week, 8/24, will be our second trailwork nite of the year. We'll be working on Hall Ranch this time around. You all know the "new" dangerous section near the bottom of Bitterbrush trail right by the bathrooms. We'll be reworking that. Bottom line is that it's a poorly designed, north facing, section of trail. We will be doing some berm and drainage work to hopefully get rid of the loosey off camber stuff.

I went over that section of trail today, in person, with the caretaker of Hall as well as the trailwork coordinator for Boulder County. Long term wise, we're going to try to reroute that entire section, and move it to the other side of the hill so the trail will be southfacing, less steep, and more sustainable. That's long term, though, because that requires more people to sign off than a day of trailwork.

Bottom line is that whatever we do next week will still probably be suboptimal, but we ARE working on a long term, 4 season fix for this small section of trail.


Dave said...

When and where are folks meeting for this? Redstone or the trailhead?

redstone said...

Meeting up at the trailhead around 5:30. If you can't make 5:30 feel free to show up when you can.

Boulder County will provide tools, etc.