Friday, May 15, 2009

pre work ride

After I dropped Z off at school, I was able to sneak in a little ride before opening the shop. I was hankering for a mellow spin - something easy and scenic. South St Vrain Hwy was just the ticket. I also wanted to ride something that felt like home - the XO was my ticket to comfy and relaxed.

I started on Old South. I ride Old South all the time. It's a good way to get to Hall Ranch for a mountain bike ride, or a good way to get out of town on 7. Old South give me that peaceful easy feelin.
Highway 7 is always good, too. I love me some SSV Canyon.
Turned around to take this shot in the narrows. It's superbly fun rolling back down thru it.
I didn't have a destination in mind really. Just a little river therapy. I hiked out towards a big ol rock in the middle of the stream to sit for a bit. The South St Vrain Creek has always put me in a better place.
Old faithful.
Not too shabby for a 45 minute pre work ride. I definitely arrived back at the shop in a better mood. Great way to start the day.


303cycling said...

Like to use some of these photos on 303cycling. I'd give you photo credit and link back. drop me a line

Jonathan Hawkins said...

Trying to get a little mellow after my visit to the redstone. my reba blew on the st vrain, kinda sucked, but Chris 'n co. hung in with me. really apreciated the ride and now I know where to go for rides when I'm around. thanks many thanks.