Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Night Ride @ 5:15 w/o DC

Hey all,
Dave is buried getting the LFTF off the ground this Tuesday. Due to his lack of availability we have again decided to carry on in the spirit of Death March Dave & meet @ Redstone @ 5:15 instead of 6:00. We are planning on going a bit bigger this evening & lights are most likely a good option. We are looking at a similar ride to the one we did a few weeks back while Dave was out of town, but with the potential of adding little more distance. There are some other options on the ride: last time a smaller group did an out & back to meet us on the bigger loop. The weather looks cold & potentially wet so please packk appropriately. Resistance is futile - see you tonight.We got in a great after work ride & remained dry. A good start to Lyons Fat Tire Fest week!


Davetoo said...

Rumors of my death are unsubstantiated and incorrect. I've been in...well, that doesn't matter. But I'll be around next week. Any chance for a Thursday night ride, 5/31?

Enjoy the FEST!

-Action Jackson

chris L said...

Thursday night ride sounds good. How long are you in town for?

Melis said...

Sounds good to me Action!

Davetoo said...

Just in town for a few days - TH - TUE, 5/31 - 6/5. I'm a week late for LFTF, but such is my lot in life. Post up that TH ride for next week and we'll rally, sallies.